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tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Palm OS, High Res) 1.00

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Palm OS, High Res) 1.00

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Palm OS, High Res) Publisher's Description

Mobile Financial Tape Calculator for Palm OS (High Resolution)
tApCalc Finance is a mobile tape calculator suite with a host of Financial and Accounting function keys. No other Palm OS calculator in the market provides the financial and accounting functions provided by tApCalc Finance. The programmable tape functionality allows recording calculations that can be Saved, Edited, Re-run after editing operator and number errors, or changing numbers.

Use tApCalc Finance to:

  • Calculate monthly payment of a loan, fixed rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage, lease, early payoff balance, etc.
  • Find out how much loan you can afford or what is the interest rate that is offered to you by the vendor/dealer.
  • Find how much and how long it will take you save for vacation
  • Calculate depreciated value of your assets.
  • Find out whether an investment makes sense using Discounted Cash flow, Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return(IRR).
  • Calculate the Price and Yield of semi-annual bonds.
  • and many more...

Supports Regional Number formats e.g. 1,000.50 1.000,50 1'000,50 1 000,50 etc.

Financial Functions
tApCalc Finance features financial function keys for calculating Time Value of Money, Analysing Discounted Cash Flow including IRR and NPV, Calculating Amortization, Bond Price/Yield and Depreciation using 3 most common depreciation calculation methods

  • PV, FV, PMT, i, n, nx12, i/12, Amortization, Begin, End, RCL
  • CF0, CFj, Nj for inputing cash flows and, IRR, NPV keys.
  • SL, SYD, DB keys for calculating depreciation in these methods
  • Price, YTM, p.dt, m.dt keys for calculating Yield and Price of Bonds
Accounting Functions
tApCalc Finance comes with a built-in Accounting calculator that provides accounting function keys not available in any other mobile calculator products.
  • TAX+,TAX-
  • MarkUp/Down
  • Sub-total, Total, and Grand total
Programmable tape
  • Save function allows saving calculations on the device as file.
  • Load, Edit, and Run Tape Feature allows loading a tape already saved on the device, editing for error or another set of numbers and rerunning the same calculation with new set of data.
Standard Functions
  • Provides all standard function keys and memory keys
  • Financial functions are easy enough for anyone to calculate simple loan, mortgage payment, Amortization schedule etc
  • Although tApCalc Finance comes packed with financial functions, it also provides all standard calculator keys that can be used by anyone.
  • Tape functionality is available for all functions
This application was written with AppForge MobileVB for the Palm OS and the required Booster is included in the package. Click here if you want to learn more about the Booster.

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